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About Us

Utopik is passionate about providing unique artwork-printed clothing and accessories to our valued customers.

Aiming to avoid the endless trends set by the major fashion houses, we simply produce our own truly original artwork for a range of products.

We love festivals, dance music and the unity it brings – our designs are especially fitting for enthusiasts of this scene. Our typical patron likes to express themselves through music, art and fashion.

Age is certainly no boundary, we offer to all: from baby grows and children's apparel to clothing for silver disco grandmas and grandpas with self-expressive pride.

Our designer and co-founder, Alex, conjures up his own ideas and uses his extensive talents to commit them to canvas (well, his computer screen).

Having complete faith in our own vibrant designs, we guarantee that works from other artist’s will never appear on the site.

Our well-made products are not only expertly designed, but have a high-quality finish that is fully quality controlled. Within the price tag is years of design experience and, of course, ethical manufacturing practices. See FAQs for more details.

We believe in individual self-empowerment: via our social networks, blog and podcasts (alongside our promotional materials) we aim to provide advice, and hopefully inspiration, to other artists who want to start their own business.

This is the time, heading into a new age, for new energies to arise and individuals to reach their own vision.

Why the name Utopik?

The word is an adaption of utopia /juːˈtəʊpɪə/ n. an imaginary place or state in which everything is perfect (Oxford English Dictionary).

It provides an image of a sought-after mystical and harmonious place, often identified with Paradise, Seventh Heaven, the Garden of Eden, Shangri-la, Arcadia and Happy Valley.

A place of balance – with no war, famine, oppression or brutality – where everyone is happy and having fun.

Cole Thomas painting

The Arcadian State by Thomas Cole

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