Utopik Update (June 2020) – An Eventful 2020

Utopik Update (June 2020) – An Eventful 2020

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It’s been 10 months since we opened the doors at utopik.co and a great deal has happened in that time. We thought we’d give you all an update on what we’ve been up to and where we’re heading.

Firstly, thanks to everyone who has made purchases and given feedback. Unfortunately, 2020 has been fraught with delays on items here and there, due to the current global circumstances. Things are now definitely looking brighter and any problems have been rectified - we strive to deliver the best possible service, no matter the issue.

Due to the global climate of postal delays, we’re now working almost exclusively with a new partner. We’re able to offer a super reliable delivery and processing process with DHL express all the way.

 - Some of our exciting new items -

Not only will your items be made and delivered faster than before, we are also offering a much wider variety of cool items, including cropped windbreaker jackets, super stylish joggers and track pants. Along with a huge variety of tops for the ladies, many accessories and an amazing choice of footwear. But we do still offer our most popular item - Astral Robes!

We’ve also decided that the 25% subscriber-only discount is now unlimited use, rather than the previous one-time use.

We understand the deep frustration that the festival scene is all but gone for 2020. We'd like to think that our dazzling variety of items will still be able to brighten up your life in a meaningful way - just from lounging, or from sports, parks and recreational activities.

Finally, we’re proud to see our apparel and accessories modeled by the coolest characters on Instagram. Please check them out with our visionary delights in their full glory! @ramblinrose710 @giovanna_lene @itsmemogli @psych0n4ut @alivixcarter to name a few. Special thanks to them.

We’ll continue to post cool artwork, as fashion shoots occur and new products arrive over the coming weeks and months - please give us a like on our instagram @utopik.co 

We wish you all good health and happiness in what’s been an eventful 2020 so far and hope, like us, that you’re keeping your vibrations high and spreading positivity!

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