Utopik Update (February 2020) – Our Challenges

Utopik Update (February 2020) – Our Challenges

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Occasionally we will provide an update on the progress of Utopik for those interested.

We’ve been up and running for a few months now, thanks so much for the purchases and the subscribers.

We’ve had a few challenges since we started taking orders. The first one was over the Christmas period, with slow delivery times and a couple of orders in particular were heavily delayed.

The second more serious challenge was supplier problems, over the last few weeks, due to the coronavirus in China. Because of this we’ve had to pause the store, meaning that no orders are currently being accepted. The purchases just before closing the store are still delayed.

Items are very slowly starting to be sent from our partners again. To avoid substantial delays for new and returning customers, we have decided to re-open around the 25th February rather than mid-Feb (as previously advertized).

Alex and I are looking forward to re-opening soon. Thanks so much for your patience, especially those customers affected by the long delays beyond our control.

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